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Welcome to Certified Multi List Search, your search resource for any home for sale on the market and or buying and selling needs of prized certified and certifiable homes. We have garnered the press for being the unique and most useful real estate portal in North America, because we are changing the real estate and inspection industry with a revolutionary Certifized Pre-Owned Home™ process that focuses on the efficiencies of the system. These efficiencies are so valuable that we have applied for USA and international patents of our business model, logo and phrases etc. The listings in our database carry most comprehensive real time data available including the contact information of the realtor and or the home owner, when available. Other leading free major search engines do not provide the contact information of the original listing owner, which we believe is crucial for the listing owner to have.

Several other major search engine like Google.com and Cyberhomes.com ceased free real estate search engines. We have the most robust free search engine on the cloud powered by "CeMuLiSe". About 80% of the real estate searches start from internet. We intend to be the prime free search engine for North American users. We are still in beta and our mobile platforms are in progress.

While we are compiling the results of the pilot tests from selective markets, as of this release, we are also gearing up to serve nation wide. We have partnered with the Independent State Licensed or Accredited members of the Cooperative of Professional Certifying Home Inspectors (www.COPCHI.Org). The typical home inspection model, in use currently, is simply not conducive to all situations. American Bureau of Certification has the protocols for pre-owned homes being used for the Certified Homes in the data base herein. In this portal, it shall be our strategy, to also feature the best selection of Realtors, Attorneys, Financiers, Insurance agents and other professionals involved in the process of buying and selling of Real Estate. Our advertised companies and agents feature some of the best known and most respected names in the real estate.

While we are busy trying to fill up our data base of Certified Homes, in the interim, we are also listing homes that are "Certifiable", free of any cost, to sellers and agents, provided they agree to certify it, when a prospective buyer is ready. So please, take a moment to search through the listings, here or elsewhere and let us know if there is any listing that you like. If it is not yet certified, let us know and we shall try to have it certified for you, quickly. We're certain that you will find our method very satisfactory. Certification means that the home will be presented to you after the home inspection and you can see the home inspection report before you make any offer on it. The buyer may not have to pay for the home inspection for a pre-certified home. The buyer also gets a warranty on the home at closing that ensures the credibility of the certified home further.

Hope you like our efforts so far. Please contact us for any information or notes on sharing the synergy, affiliations, and investment or advertising opportunities.

Team Certified MLS

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