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New Real Estate Search Engine for Serious Buyers and Sellers

It would be an understatement to say that in the recent economic downturn, which some called it a depression Real Estate suffered most, causing a near melt down. The situation warrants deep introspection as to how real estate industry had been functioning until now, and what could be done to improve it.

American Bureau of Certification has had a proven system for pre-owned valuables that is the right solution for both concerned buyers and anxious sellers. The system targets the fundamental and inherent inadequacies and inefficiencies in the high value transactions.

This certification provides warranties very similar to new homes, which removes the risks for the buyers for any unknown eventualities. The buyers get to see the home inspection report free of cost to them before they preview the home. Certification also serves sellers well, as it cuts down transaction time and attracts more qualified buyers who move fast in full confidence.

Although Certified Multi list search engine has a data base of 100s of thousands of certified or certifiable homes, yet a buyer or seller can quickly get any home certified even if it is not in this data base. is one crucial link that serves to bridge the abnormalities and deficiencies of the past and hopes to serve the real need of the buyers and sellers.

The certified home transaction is seamless and allows for the parties to move from "offer" to "close" without any uncertainties.

With your feedback, we would like to be able to address issues, if any and hopefully make this niche search more meaningful for you.

Happy surfing and we hope you find a house that you can soon call it a home!!!! Back

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