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Seller's Stake in Certification

We have had numerous requests during our Alpha trials. We regret that we could not entertain these any sooner but we are almost there. Through these posts we hope to be able to address each industry group adequately. This post is for sellers. Let's first examine as to how the sellers are impacted in this downturn economy.

First, it is taking much longer to sell a home. Getting the buyer to preview the property is the first major stumbling block. Then the home inspection report is used as a tool to re-negotiate that effectively reduces the sales price and the stretch between the list and sale price is increasing.

When the seller does strike a deal wherein the buyer agrees to let seller undertake the necessary repairs, the time to undertake these repairs is usually so short that the seller is unable to get competitive contractor or provide good repairs in that little time.

An AB Certified home addresses all these issues for a seller. AB Certified homes attract more buyers as the buyers want to preview certified homes in any given market. Buyer does not have to pay for the home inspection report and the buyer gets a bankable third party warranty.

The cost of certification is meager compared to the benefits in saved renegotiations and quicker sales.

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